(Rates are inclusive of VAT)

26 - 28
Annual subscription   
No entrance fee
£840 £735 £685
29 - 31
Annual subscription   
No entrance fee
£995 £840 £790
32 - 34
Annual subscription   
No entrance fee
£1210 £995 £895
35 – 69
Annual subscription
£1455 £1235 £1015
70 plus
Annual subscription
£1045 £870 £695
Grade      Notes    
Younger Members 18-25          
(School Leaver & Graduate)                        
At 18 years a one-off payment of £500 is payable to cover 6 years membership.
Serving Officers in Scottish Regiments  Annual subscription of £815
No entrance fee

The spouse or civil partner of a Member
The subscription for all ages and categories is £485 and no entrance fee.
Subscriptions should be paid by Direct Debit on January 1st. Subscriptions may also be paid quarterly by Direct Debit, annual service fee for this facility is £36. Post-dated cheques are not permitted and the Direct Debit instruction may not be cancelled until December in any year.
An Entrance Fee of £800 is payable for all new Members aged 35 or over.
Entrance fees must be paid in full on election.
All Members are required to open a Club Account.
Club charges will be collected by Direct Debit at month end.



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