(Rates are inclusive of VAT)

26 - 28
Annual subscription   
£944 £824 £768
29 - 31
Annual subscription   
£1116 £944 £888
32 - 34
Annual subscription   
£1356 £1116 £1004
35 – 69
Annual subscription
£1632 £1384 £1140
70 plus
Annual subscription
£1172 £980 £780
Grade      Notes    
Younger Members 18-25          
(School Leaver & Graduate)                        
A one-off payment of £560 is payable to cover up to 6 years membership.
Serving Officers in Scottish Regiments  Annual subscription of £916

The spouse or civil partner of a Member.
The subscription for all ages and categories is £560.
Subscriptions should be paid by Direct Debit on January 1st. Subscriptions may also be paid quarterly by Direct Debit, however the annual service fee for this facility is £40. Post-dated cheques are not permitted and the Direct Debit instruction may not be cancelled until December in any year.
An Entrance Fee of £1000 is payable for all new Members.
Entrance fees must be paid in full on election.
Re-joiners will be charged a £600 rejoining fee.
All Members are required to open a Club Account.
Club charges will be collected by Direct Debit at month end.



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